We are pleased to announce Epizootics Issue 1 will be out by the end of October. We can reveal now our contents page–


‘Apollinaire and No Relief’— Alex Rake

‘No Longer Alone’ and Notes— Allen Fisher

‘Colourful Ash’ and ‘The Sea Of Granules’— Ali Znaidi

‘Also Known As Walden’— Andrew Taylor

‘Covalence’— Bill Bulloch

from ‘Excluded Airspace’— Brook Pearson

Re-Black 1 & 2— Bruno Neiva

Awakening, Abandon, Culpable— Caitlin Stobie


‘PEAK TIME [Unfinished]’— Daniel Eltringham

‘THIS BODY’— David Rushmer

‘Ian Curtis and the German Autumn’— Don Dombowsky

‘Omens Of M’— Eleanor Walsh

‘The Oracle’s First Picture Book’, ‘Slash For The Lowlands #4’, ‘All God’s Children Want Ham and Eggs’— Glen Armstrong

‘Sand Heart Sequence’— Haley Jenkins

‘The Astral Accidentals’— Iain Britton

‘ Untitled’— James Davies

‘The Sanguine’, ‘The Same Sanguine’ & Notes— Jennie Cole

‘From Under The Gas Museum, A Collaborative Invention in Three Parts’ and ‘Ignore Previous, Collaborative Inventions in 11 Cantos’— John Hall and Peter Hughes

‘A Short History of The Mini Skirt’ and ‘Three Quarters Of A Ten Bob Note’— Kenny Knight

‘Untitled’— Maria Luigia Gioffrè

‘ Offspring’— Mark Goodwin

‘Migrants’ and ‘Taxidermy’— Melisande Fitzsimmons

‘Quesalupa (You Gotta Try This)’, ‘Bomb Taco’ & ‘Taco’— Mark Staniforth

from ‘The Saragossa Manuscript (section, the third)’— Richard Barrett

from ’20 Poems by Ikkyu rewritten using paper and pencil’— Stephen Emmerson

‘The Dead Frog Of Love’— Stuart Ross

‘In Medias Res’ and ‘Under The Weather’— Wanda O’Connor

REVIEW: Grey haired lady or squirrel. What do I know? – Confessions of a Cyclist Review— Tom Jenks



We’re very excited to be bringing you this work very soon. We will also be reopening our submissions window in November.


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